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vol 7 small Arjun Baba - Bhajan Anandi Vol 7: Bhajan & Ghazal (2016) : Arjun and Radha Gopinath unite for a wonderful new recording of Bhajans & Ghazals. 
qawwalicover Arjun Baba - Jun Malang Qawwali Vol 1 (2013) : Arjun releases his first solo Qawwali CD with wonderful results. Experience the passion and fire of Qawwali
vol6 Arjun Baba - Bhajan Anandi Kirtan Vol 6 (2011) : Arjun and Jason Kalidas unite for an inspired recording. 

Arjun & Guardians- Hotel Arjun (2009): The most "classic" sounding and intimate album to date. Slower, moodier. Original sounds, soulful songs, with shades of Indie, Reggae, India-esque, and Classic Americana.
Arjun Baba - Bhajan Anandi Vol 5 (2008): This was the long awaited new Kirtan CD from Arjun. Vol 5. Also Known as Bhajananandi, this is Arjun's kirtan series.

Arjun & Guardians - Astralogy (2006) 2CD: Collaborations with 14 different electronic producers. Eclectic beats with melodic lyrics and some of the most unique styles ever from the illustrious Arjun Baba.

Arjun & Guardians - Half Man/Half Lion (2004) 2CD: The live band album recorded in their basement studio in Eugene, OR. Roots sound with inspirational melodies and hypnotizing invocations.

Arjun & Guardians - Great Mystery (2002) 2CD : Another trip to the Ancient Future and follow up to the now classic Cave of Brahma. Vocals and rhymes decorated with beats and roots. organic-electronica shakti experiments.
Arjun & Guardians - Cave of Brahma (2001) 2CD: This is the ancient future. 2CD set contains all the beats and roots, eastern and western influences pulled together to recode your ears. Vocals by Arjun, and a collective of over 40 mystic musicians and producers. Whut iz spiritual?.
Arjun Baba - Bhajananandi II & III (2001) 2CD; This album is over two hours of bhajan and kirtan by Arjun's Eastern vocal party Bhajananandi.